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The Irrational Atheist

A free E-BOOK has been made available on the topic of New Atheism. I love the approach of this book, and I love the sarcastic rhetoric of the author. I particularly like that the author is not really trying to argue for God, but is simply showing that these self-proclaimed “brights” are not that bright, after all. In his first chapter, he makes such a great point on why lots of believers are bothered with this new kind of Atheism:

‘All I ask, all the vast majority of the billions of people of faith on the planet ask, is to be left alone to believe what we choose to believe and live how we decide to live. But the Unholy Trinity have no intention of leaving me alone. Richard Dawkins accuses me of child abuse because I teach my children that God loves them even more than I do. Sam Harris declares that I should not be tolerated and suggests that it might be ethical to kill me in preemptive self-defense. Christopher Hitchens asserts that I am a form of human Drāno, poisoning everything I encounter.’ (“The Irrational Atheist”, p. 6.)

Exactly! Apologetics is not necessarily about convincing people that they should believe in Jesus Christ. Sometimes, it’s just about pointing out that we have the right to believe whatever we want! Thanks to Vox Day (that’s a funny name, btw) for writing this book and making it available to so many people.


Welcome to The Loving Judge

Does the world really need another apologetic blog? I don’t know. But being a Christian, I would take the position that it can’t hurt. There are certainly several atheists, anti-theists, agnostics and sceptics out there, and we certainly need to face their accusations and correct their misconceptions. Why? Because the world deserves the truth.

God is deeply concerned for the salvation of all people. That includes the ordinary people who may feel torn between theism and atheism and haven’t really decided yet. But it certainly includes extreme, fundamentalist atheists as well. God actually cares for people like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, Dan Barker, and all the other individuals attacking the very concept of God.

My faith is not a blind type of faith. It’s rational, and it’s based on evidence. Now, evidence is different from proof. I do not claim to know, but I do claim that I have substantial reasons to think that the Christian worldview is the most reasonable explanation for this world. The concept of God is very likely to be true.

I’m not a scientist. I know little about biology and even less about cosmology. I’m not a famous philosopher. I may know a few things about Descartes, Kant and Hume, but I have no established reputation on such matters. I’m a theology student with great interest in such things, and I’m only interested in arguments that makes somewhat sense to lay-people. English is not my first language, and you might notice that from my posts. To a great extent, however, this may actually benefit my writing. I’ll keep things simple.

Thank you for listening.